We offer a range of services aimed at improving your pet's quality of life

We specialize in veterinary rehabilitation, physical therapy, pain management, palliative care and acupuncture

Dr. Coble brings years of experience practicing veterinary medicine. Learn more.

We're open Monday - Friday, (617) 655-9255 or info@sealegsvet.com. Serving the greater Boston area.

How did we get here?

A lifelong animal lover, Dr. Coble has wanted to be a veterinarian since childhood. She studied marine biology at the University of Massachusetts and graduated in 2007...

What do we offer?

At Sea Legs, we seek to elevate your pet’s health through comprehensive, compassionate care. We specialize in veterinary rehabilitation, pain management, acupuncture and palliative care.

How to get started?

Contact us through our contact page or email support@sealegsvet.com with some information about your pet's veterinary or rehabilitative needs, and we'll be in touch with you.

Offering a range of services

Border Collie on a hydrotherapy treadmill
Veterinary holding acupuncture needle near dog's paw in clinic, closeup. Animal treatment
Veterinarian smiling while holding cat
Veterinarian smiling while holding cat

Helping your pets earn their Sea Legs

Sea Legs is named after Dr. Coble's childhood dog. We strive to help all of our patients get back on their feet, and earn their own ``Sea Legs.`` Serving the greater Boston area including Dedham, Westwood, Weston, Norwood, Brookline, Newton, Wellesley and the surrounding areas.

Monday: 8A – 6P
Tuesday: 8A – 6P
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Thursday: 10A – 8P
Friday: 9A – 4P
Saturday: Closed
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